Barnes IIIF Deep Viewer (React, TypeScript)

Examining a detail of “Unknown Artist, Hieronymus Bosch — Christ Mocked” with the Barnes IIIF Deep Viewer.
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    Written largely around the OpenSeaDragon library 🔎 which manages images tiled in a specific directory structure.

    This project was eventually included in our collection site, although a bit of guerilla patching 🦍 was needed here — actual modifying library prototypes. This was necessary in order to get this to work with the version of tiles that we had versus what OpenSeaDragon would "accept". We basically decided to just settle on this nasty hack as this was needed for some digital classes ASAP and computing new tiles would be A) expensive 💰 and B) take too much time. ⏰ When perfect isn't available, good enough will suffice!